Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet Paris

This is our wonderful little dog Paris. She is a 3 year old maltese who has become a special part of our family. We got her from the pet store in Arroyo Grande while on a little vacation. Once Candace held her it was over. She is a miracle because a few weeks after we got her we found out that she had a terrible dog disease called Parvo. We did everything we could to save her. She was a little fighter and she made it. We love her very much.

Here Paris is taking a little nap on daddy's shirt. Isn't she cute? We think so.


Tyler Sullivan said...

Hey guys!! Good to see you blogging. Hope everything is going ok. Congrats on the Baby!

Linda Elms said...

Welcome to our "blogworld"! Congratulations on your baby that's "on its way". I will be checking for updates as time goes along.

Jolene Mendoza said...

Congratulations on your baby girl and welcome to the blogworld. I have added you to my link list. Looking forward to hearing more from the Tredway Tales.

P.S. Paris looks like a sweet dog.

Jana Allard said...

Paris is gonna be a big sister!!!! YEAH!!!!! Need to get her an "I'm the BIG sister" t-shirt.