Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catching Up!

I know I have not been blogging very much here of lately and I apologize. Things around the house are a little hectic right now as we are getting ready for Jr. Camp and Camp Meeting. Once again this year, Candace and I are the music directors at our sectional Jr. Camp. Every year I put together a choir songbook for the kids, and I have been investing a lot of time into that project along with getting the trailer ready, running errands, teaching a few days of summer school and the list goes on. This past Sunday night, Chloe was dedicated to the Lord. I hope to be posting some pictures of this wonderful occasion soon. Although I have been extremely busy, I was able to put together a slide show to catch everyone up with how much Chloe is growing. She is getting bigger and changing everyday. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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