Monday, May 18, 2009

Target's Littlest Shopper

Chloe has learned from her mom that shopping at Target is fun. In fact she takes her own shopping basket around the store and does her own shopping. It was quite funny watching her push the basket around the store. They learn young. She is only 11 months old and already one of Target's best shoppers.


Tarrah Misu said...

LOL! This is adorable!! She's following in Mommy and Tia's footsteps!! We love us some target!!

Sandrakaye said...

OMG....this is so adorable. I just love Chloe,and she is going to be the best little shopper...maybe one day we can all go together....Fun.

Rachel Roberts said...

Oh so sweet!!! Almost a year, huh? Goes by much faster than I ever imagined. :o)

Levi loves pushing the shopping carts and his stroller too. Something about the wheels.