Thursday, April 3, 2008

Great Service!

Tonight we had a powerful move of God in our service. Before church I had one of our young people, who has been out of church for a while, call me and tell me that he was coming to church tonight. The spirit of the Lord was moving throughout the service and when he came into service the spirit of God was already strong. My father preached a wonderful message about cleaning out our wells to let the the spirit of God flow freely within us. The message encouraged us to dig out what the devil has put into our wells and find that Joy, Peace, Happiness, Holy Ghost and Worship again. The message was entitled "It's Still In Me!" By the end of the message we were all praying and worshipping our way through the debris of the devil to victory in our spirits. When I looked toward the back I saw this young person with his hands raised crying and praying. He was already in the process of cleaning out his spiritual well. God blessed him and he soon broke through to the springs of living water and began to bubble with the joy of the Holy Ghost. What a wonderful joy it is when you see a young person recommit their life to God. Truly our joy, happiness, praise and worship is "Still Within Us" we just have to keep digging until we find it and release the flow. Thank you Jesus for another wonderful service.