Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where Do You Go?

Reading a fellow bloggers post today made me think of something. Where do people go and what do they do to relax? In the day and time that we live there are pressures all around us. Pressure to meet deadlines and quotas, pressures to perform, and pressures on the job and at school. What do you do to relax and release the tension and stress that builds up during the day or week. Where do you go to when you feel you need to unwind and get away from the normal day routine? When I am stressed and need a moment to relax, many times I find myself sitting at the piano. I can release emotions and feelings through music and find a peace and comfort. Such songs as "If He Carried the Weight of the World Upon His Shoulders", "Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace" and many other songs begin to touch my soul and make a beautiful melody from the noise of the day. What do you do when you need a time out?


Debbie Saiz said...

Nice post. It is great to know that we can always go to Him and He is always there.

Jana Allard said...

Frequently, I can be found sitting at the grand piano in my living room just playing the stress away. It helps to have a piano you love, too. Mine has such a light touch and I can sit there for hours it seems.