Monday, August 25, 2008

Bakersfield Fun!

We have had a lot of fun in Bakersfield lately. We were delighted to visit Chloe's great-great grandma Jewel Condren. This was the first time that Chloe met this grandma and she was very happy to meet her. Chloe also recently had her first encounter with Papa Jr's swimming pool. She loved playing in the water with Papa. Needless to say, they both had a great time beating the heat.


Jessica Carnegie said...

So are you guys related to the Condrens? If so.. its a small world. :o) I am related to the Condrens through the Barnett family. They are cousins of mine. Your little girl just keeps getting more and more beautiful... you are blessed!

Karen Hopper said...

It was so good to see Sis Condren. Have known her for years. She is such a gracious, godly lady. And Chloe is growing like a weed. She's absolutely adorable.