Monday, August 25, 2008

Checking In

Candace and I apologize for not blogging as much lately, things around our place have been a little hectic. We have been out of town a lot recently and this weekend we were preaching in Delano for Bro. Allard. God is doing a great work there and we will be back in Delano this week to continue fulfilling God's plan. More pictures and blogs are coming soon, I promise. Keep checking. We have a lot to blog about so stay tuned.


Chandra said...

Yaaaay! ;o)

Cheri said...

Bro and Sister Tredway, I personally want to say thank you for listening to the LORD and preaching AN OPEN DOOR 08/31/08 in delano, I was visiting from Phoenix Arizona, even tho Delano is home. I want you to know that if nobody else got anything else out of the message it was for me, I am dealing with going thru an open door that will change my "comfort" zone for ever. Please pray for me, I am wanting to go to the mission field and am getting ready to talk to my pastor Ron Garrett, God Bless, and again thank you