Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chloe 4 Months & The Pumpkin Patch

Can you believe that Chloe is already 4 months old. Where does the time go. Candace and I were just talking the other day how we used to hold our little girl in our arms, so small, and now she is 15 lbs. The little newborn stage is over and she is now in the infant stage. Watching her grow is amazing. She is smiling a lot, sitting up on her own, and trying to roll over. She is also starting to get up on her knees when she is laying on her belly, but she is just not sure how to get the crawl going. Chloe is laughing out loud and it is the cutest little chuckle you have ever heard. She is also at the grabbing stage where anything in sight is in her hands. The other day Candace was at Marshall's with her sister and Chloe kept pulling the clothes off of the hangers. She already loves to SHOP! Daddy is in big trouble.

This past Saturday we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. What a great time we had. The kids picked out pumpkins, played in the hay maze, and petted the animals. Chloe had a fun time riding in her little red wagon and watching everyone. We had a wonderful time with my sister, her family and my parents. Papa got Chloe her first pumpkin. What fun we are going to have carving it. I will be sure to post the pictures.


Jana Allard said...

Too, too cute!!! She is just darling!

Just Me said...

Once you have a baby, your life just goes into hyperspeed. They grow up so fast!