Monday, October 20, 2008

Sick Little One

For all of our fellow bloggers, will you please keep our little Chloe Addison in your prayers. She is fighting the flu bug and has a severely sore throat. She went to the pediatrician today and she said that she has little blisters on the back of her throat and that is causing her a lot of pain. It hurts for her to swallow, so eating and taking her medicine is very painful. Candace and I did not get much sleep last night, being that Chloe was awake almost every hour because of the pain. Please keep "us" in your prayers. Anyone who has had a sick little one knows how hard it is when you cannot do anything to ease their pain.


Jolene Mendoza said...

Chloe is in my prayers and so are you mom and dad. I pray for her speedy healing. I can't bear to see such a little one suffer so. I am also praying for you to receive the rest you need. Love and prayers to you all, jolene

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

I will send a prayer up for Chloe and that God will help her rest and heal very quickly.

Poor little girl :o( Seeing your baby in pain is so heartbreaking.

Prayer for Bethani said...

Hey Josh

Omg! I had no idea that Candice was so sick! I hope she is doing better. Lord knows we know what it is like to be in the hospital..hehe. As for littlel Chloe, ahhhh she still looks adorable even though she has been sick. As for the getting sleep, well......its just comes with having a baby."Nada" I hope her little blister is healing up. We miss you both and would really love to get together. I cant wait to meet your sweet little one. We will pray both for Candice and Chloe....oh ya and for dad too..haha to get some sleep!

your friends,

Bethani Brian and Wyatt