Monday, November 17, 2008

Chloe Playing the Piano

The next great piano player in the making. Isn't she cute!


Mary Frances said...

Awww...How cute!!! You got an adorable baby!!! Just browsin around. I go to the Abbott's church in AZ. God bless you all!!!

Tredway Tales said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking our blog. I know the Abbots in AZ quite well. I grew up with David, Devi & Danny at California Camp Meeting. How are they all doing? I know David and Devi are married now. How time goes by so fast. Please feel free to check in anytime, and leave us a comment. If you get the chance tell the Abbotts Josh Tredway said hello.

God Bless,

Josh, Candace & Chloe Tredway

iluv2prshim said...

Too Cute!

Chandra said...

Go, Chloe, go!! She will learn from the best!

Mary Frances said...

Ok cool! I was wondering if you were the same Josh Tredway I always used to hear about! The Abbott's are doing great! We are celebrating Bro. Abbott's 60th birthday soon. Davy and Vanessa Abbott have a 4-year-old boy named Judah and are helping out at our church. Danny is married now too. Danny and Sarah have a baby girl named Jocelyn and they pastor a small church in Williams AZ. Andrew and Devi Foster are helping out Andrew's father in Roswell NM. Denae is 14 now. Growing up quickley and her Daddy's little Joy!!!! I will tell them all you said Hello.
God Bless,