Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chloe 5 Months

Chloe's favorite dancing partner Clint

It is hard to believe that daddy's little girl is already five months old. Coco is growing so much and changing everyday. She has so many cute expressions wish we could share them all with you. Chloe's new things to do is bouncing up and down and patting everything with her hands. It is so cute! Here are just a few photos to share with our friends and family.


Jana Allard said...

What a good looking dance partner Chloe has! Looks like Prince Charming has come to dance her night away! Move over Chels! Chloe is now the main attraction! LOL

Josh, your ministry this week-end was absolutely outstanding. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. Princess Candace is as beautiful as ever and Chloe just melts my heart. Love you guys dearly!!!

Tredway Tales said...

Thank you for being so kind to Candace, Chloe and I. We love and appreciate your church and family so much. Thank you for extending the invitation for us to come and minister this weekend. We had a wonderful time and we were blessed by being in service with you. We count you and Brian to be great friends. Delano church is becoming a special place for Candace and I. We always love to visit and minister. There is always such a sweet spirit there. Thank you for your hospitality. You really treat us much better than we deserve.

Josh, Candace & Chloe